How To Choose A Consulting Company Names?

consulting company names


The consulting company names provide expert guidance in niche areas. Among these are management, human resources, IT, real estate, environmental laws, and other areas.

The global consulting market was expected to reach a size of roughly 262 billion dollars in 2017. The management consulting industry, recognized for giving firms advice on enhancing their performance, reached a market size of 139 billion dollars in the same year.

Choose a Name That Maintains Brand Equity

Consider circumstances when new employees join your business, or you intend to sell it. Choosing anything based on your name, such as “Shawn Smith Consulting,” may work for the time being.

What happens, though, if a partner joins? Suppose you decide to sell your business. When you leave your firm, its brand equity may suffer. And the reason is that the owner’s name is linked to the brand identity.

Take Your Company’s Name’s International Portability into Account

Do you intend to conduct business with people from other countries or cultures? Be mindful of the translation of your name. For instance, while “Chevy Nova” may be excellent consulting company names in the United States, it means “no go” to Spanish-speaking customers. Therefore, choose a name recognizable to people in various nations or cultures.

Avoid using puns or silly names

The consulting industry is a serious one. It requires a professional name. Anything corny or amusing in the name might hurt the association. A silly name will make the logo appear unprofessional.

Said it will leave a negative impression on your target market. Additionally, it will eventually impede the expansion of your business. Find alternative methods to stand out as a result.

Combine Two Words to Create a Novel Name

Consider combining two terms if you find a single word to be overused. Numerous businesses have names that include two words, like McKinsey, Accenture, and others.

Choose Something Memorable

Great company names are straightforward and memorable. How challenging is it to say, spell, and keep in mind names like KPMG, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Google? In no way! The practice of typing or writing a name down only for memory has been abandoned.

Select a name with a favorable connotation

With your consulting company names, instill some optimism in your clients. By using your name, hint at what your company does. Think about the company “Mr. Clean.” It serves as a general cleaner. And its name makes clear what it is intended for.

Mr. Messy Kitchen and Bathroom might have been the name, but it’s not. Why? It’s because using the moniker Mr. Clean would make the objective unclear. Therefore, incorporate general phrases like business strategy, marketing, sales, and accounting into the name of your consulting company.

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Verify if domain names are accessible

These days, every business has a website. It would help if you also had a domain name to be online. Make sure the domain name for any names you have in mind is accessible.

Choose names other than, nevertheless. It takes up too much time to recall. Make your name brief and straightforward.

Verify if the name is trademarked or already taken

Before deciding on a name, make sure it has yet to be claimed or trademarked. The US Patent and Trademark Office should be investigated.

Check the trademark offices in the nations where you also intend to conduct business. You can avoid problems in the future by doing this.

Using a name that is already in use is prohibited

It’s crucial to find out whether any other companies are already utilizing the name you’ve selected. Only choose consulting company names that are already in use. Additionally, avoid utilizing it when making mistakes.

It will hinder your brand identification and cause brand confusion. Additionally, utilizing the name of another firm might get you into legal difficulties. So choose something.

Avoid using trendy words or phrases

Even corporations are drawn to trends. Trends tempt you to create something that will quickly draw people. The drawback is that it eventually gets out of date.

Consider building a website for your consulting business. You use overused colors, components, and photos to build the logo for your consulting business. This will blatantly demonstrate that your business is mild.


Would you like to start your consulting firm? Or are you seeking for suggestions to rename your current consulting company names? No of the situation, choosing a name is undoubtedly essential.

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