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Organize Your Bathroom Closet With Plastic Handy Baskets

plastic handy baskets


The secret to having a practical and organized house is plastic handy baskets. Even if you’ve cleaned out every closet and developed superb organizational techniques, you still need to keep a lot of items. 

If they don’t have a defined spot, unsecured objects like toiletries, bath towels, extra blankets, and other things can disturb the peace of a tidy house.

1. Store Frequently Used Items In Plastic Handy Baskets

Pay attention to the height of your storage containers when choosing the creams and lotions you know you’ll use frequently. To avoid having to dig through a basket of toiletries to get what you need, use organizers that won’t fill the entire height of your closet shelf.

2. Sort By Categories

Start with some straightforward categories, such as hair, cosmetics, lotions, etc., if you’re unsure of how or where to start with your bathroom organizing. Sort your items into plastic handy baskets with labels for easy access after dividing them up into groups.

3. Roll The Towels

Play with the towels if you’re seeking for original ideas to give your bathroom closet a bit more visual appeal. You may roll them, fold them, or put them in plastic handy baskets. This is a quick and inexpensive approach to improving a place that is frequently congested.

4. In Pairs Or Threes

The same idea that applies to grouping décor in twos or threes in interior design also applies to the bathroom closet. To create an eye-catching display, divide goods like hand towels and bath salts into smaller groups if your bathroom has open baskets.

5. Expand The Number Of Drawers

Smaller goods like travel-sized toiletries and lipsticks can easily be misplaced in your bathroom plastic handy baskets. Use a series of transparent, little baskets to provide room for these tiny goods. 

You won’t have to spend time searching through a basket of used lotion bottles and hairspray cans; instead, you can locate what you need right away and get on with your day.

6. Maintain Folded Items In The Basket

Even though it might seem apparent, making sure that everything is nicely folded before storing it in the closet will significantly improve things. Just learn how to fold them in the same manner consistently.

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7. Storage Of Toilet Paper

Small bathrooms are prone to storage problems. The use of wire or wicker baskets as a quick and simple storage option for toilet paper allows for a speedy resolution to the issue.

8. Assign Family Trash Cans

These adaptable modules easily slip into a cabinet. Eliminate the typical morning chaos by designating a shelf for each person.

9. Storage Baskets For The Foyer

To make the most of this area, use baskets for practical storage on shelves or behind a bench in your entryway. To give a location for people to take off their shoes as they enter or leave the house, arrange a few substantial, large baskets on the floor near the entryway.

10. Do Not Crowd

You don’t have to fill the space you have just because you have it. Allowing room on your shelves for empty objects is one of the simplest methods to reduce clutter. Try to allow a little space between your lotions and soaps rather than packing them tightly.

11. Stick To The Basics

As you get ready to arrange your bathroom closet, consider how frequently and how often each item is used. Prioritize your basic, daily necessities in restrooms with little storage space, and discard or conceal the rest.


Decluttering is the first and most crucial step in arranging a bathroom closet. When you’ve decided which objects are worth saving, put each one into a different category and place each one into an organizer like plastic handy baskets.

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