Balance Your Hormones Naturally With Herbal Supplement Tablets

Herbal Supplement Tablets


One of the most frequent reasons patients come to see me for the first time is to discuss hormone balance, and this raises the question of whether I advise taking Herbal Supplement Tablets to do so. 

Women’s health has recently received more attention than just a yearly PAP smear and breast check, with discussions centered on achieving optimal health and wellness. Women can now begin the path to optimum health and total wellness by seeking treatment for hormone balancing.

Rheidol rosea

Rheidol Rosea, an adaptogenic herb used in HUM’s Uber Energy and Big Chill, has been shown to have a wide range of advantages. Rhodiola supports thyroid function, strengthens the immune system, and aids in stress adaptation, all of which contribute to hormonal balance.

Nigella seeds

Fennel blossom or kalonji is a different name for Nigella sativa. Because they contain thymoquinone, a type of phytonutrient or plant chemical, these seeds have therapeutic benefits.

Additionally, Nigella sativa extract demonstrates estrogenic activity, which means it behaves similarly to the body’s natural estrogen. Some research in rodents is looking into nigella seed extracts as a possible hormone substitute.


Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub from the nightshade family, often known as winter cherry, Indian ginseng, or Withania somniferous. Since so many Ashwagandha pills, teas, and root powders are readily available, it is well-regarded in Herbal Supplement Tablets.

In a 2019 study, 60 adults who took 125–300 mg of ashwagandha root extract twice daily for eight weeks experienced lower blood cortisol levels, better sleep, and less stress than those in the placebo group. A 2012 study with a similar design found similar outcomes.


Omega-3 fatty acids are a critical component of hormone synthesis and operation, particularly in female sex hormones, your thyroid, adrenal glands, and your immune system.

They have also been demonstrated to be quite successful at reducing the signs and symptoms of autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s, adrenal diseases like PCOS, menopausal symptoms, and fertility problems.

It is advantageous to add an omega-3 fish oil supplement because many of us do not consume enough sources of omega-3s.

The root of black cohosh

The plant family Nigella sativa, also referred to as the crowfoot or buttercup family includes black cohosh. Black cohosh is also known as bugbane and rattle weed. This popular dietary supplement is created from the ground roots of the black cohosh plant. It is typically taken as a tablet, an extract, or tea.

Both historically and currently, black cohosh has been used to treat women’s health issues such as irregular menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, and menopausal symptoms.

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Another popular Herbal Supplement Tablets that are frequently sold in extract or pill form is Chasteberry. It is frequently blended with other herbs, such as black cohosh, and advertised as a treatment for menopause symptoms and to promote women’s reproductive health.

According to numerous literature evaluations, the prolactin levels in the blood may be reduced by chaste berries. Additionally, the supplement may help with PMS symptoms, including breast tenderness.


Traditional medicine has employed marjoram and other Herbal Supplement Tablets from the Origanum genus, like oregano, to treat various illnesses. For instance, a recent study discovered that marjoram extract treatment improved estradiol levels, a hormone generated by the ovaries, in rats with PCOS.


There are numerous natural strategies to balance female hormones. While we discussed various herbal possibilities, remember that everybody is different and that you should figure out what works best for yours.

To guarantee that any herbs or supplements you take won’t conflict with any prescriptions you are taking or any pre-existing illnesses you might have, always check with your doctor before using them.

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