What are the Conditions & Processing Time for 485 Visa Australia?


Have you recently completed a course at an Australian educational institution as an international student? You want to stay in Australia longer for a more advanced education, without a doubt. This is achievable through the Temporary Graduate 485 Visa Condition & Processing Time program.

You and other international students who complete a course at one of Australia’s colleges or universities are eligible for this visa form. After graduation, you can do this to continue living, studying, and looking for work here. However, it’s crucial to know that you can only be the primary applicant for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 once.

Four Streams Comprise The Visa:

  1. Stream Graduate Work
  2. Stream of Post-Study Work
  3. The second stream of post-study work
  4. Substitute stream

Whichever stream you apply for will determine how long you can stay and how much the visa will cost.

What is an Australian Subclass 485 Visa?

You’ve probably heard the term “work-life balance,” even if you have no idea what a Subclass 485 Visa Condition & Processing Time Australia is. Indian students who recently graduated from an Australian educational institution are granted the Subclass 485 Visa Australia. This temporary visa allows them to work there for 18 months. 

An Indian student who recently graduated with skills and qualifications relevant to an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). You might be eligible to stay longer if you have a PhD or a master’s in research.

The Temporary Graduate Visa allows you to stay for a constrained amount of time. foFollowing the issuance of the visa, the holder is permitted to:

  • Stay in Australia until the expiration of your visa.
  • Candidates are not restricted from working or studying in Australia.
  • Explore all of Australia
  • It enables you to bring eligible family members as dependents to Australia.

What is the Processing Time for Graduate Visa 485?

Here is the information you need to know the precise Australian Citizenship in Melbourne and Temporary 485 Visa Condition & Processing Time. The Department of Home Affairs handles the Temporary Visa Australia application procedure.

Typically, it processes:

  • 25% within nine months of applications
  • Fifty per cent of applications within ten months
  • Within ten months, 75% of applicants
  • 90 per cent of applications within a year
  • The Department of Home Affairs gives complete visa applications priority. The Department of Home Affairs will handle your application fast if you correctly complete the form. Verify that you have finished the 485 visa checklist.
  • Make sure to complete all paperwork, or Home Affairs will only accept your application. The eligibility requirements for a 485 visa must also be met. Home Affairs will process your visa application swiftly if you take care of these things.

Application circumstances

Contrary to the majority of General Skilled Migration visas, this one does not require an Expression of Interest from candidates, and applications are only partially accepted as invitations. Candidates must, however, fulfil a few requirements to apply. Candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years old and under 50 at the time of application, as well as meet the Basic English language, health, and character standards for Skilled Migration.
  • Fulfil the two-year study requirement 
  • Possess a recent degree from a course that is register with CRICOS and have recently held a student visa

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You’ve always had many reasons to adore the “country of kangaroos” even more, from a wide selection of courses and scholarship opportunities to a modern, secure environment. And as you sit there thinking about how soon your student visa will expire, your secret hope is to be given a chance to stay in Australia longer. Is it not? Voila! Your request has been fulfilled!


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