10 Reasons Buying An Electric Car Is A Good Idea

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Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly. An intelligent decision if you are worried about the environment is to get an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles (EVs) release up to 80% less carbon dioxide than gasoline-powered cars.

Additionally, throughout their lives, battery-powered EV Jobs 60% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a typical petrol car.

Alternative Energy Technologies

Approximately 80% of the power produced in this country is renewable and low-carbon, especially in New Zealand’s energy ambitions. Geological, hydroelectric, and wind energy are some of the primary sources through which we produce power. Even charging your automobile with energy is relatively environmentally friendly.

Simple Rechargeable

Many individuals believe that charging an electric automobile would be the drawback of having one. Connect it back in when you arrive home.

If you decide to travel further, there are public charging stations around every 75 kilometers along the main routes. You will likely find yourself stranded with a method to recharge your automobile.

Focus on saving money

One unanticipated benefit of driving an electric vehicle is the potential annual fuel expense savings of several hundred dollars. Yes, you still need to pay for the energy to charge your car, but the cost is just 30 to 40 cents per liter, which is incredibly cheap, given the price of gasoline right now.

By selecting an electrical provider that provides off-peak electricity prices, you may save even more money. Take advantage of lower prices by charging your automobile during these periods.

Easily Maintained

Given that their motors have fewer components than a gasoline engine, EV Jobs are renowned for being simpler to maintain. That implies that you could be saving money on repairs.

They often require fewer brake replacements as well. This is because of regenerative braking, which transfers energy from the engine to the batteries when you turn off the gas.

Furthermore, since electric automobiles don’t need oil, you won’t need to change the oil or pay for regular maintenance or top-ups.

Accelerates Up Immediately

EVs can accelerate rapidly once you press the accelerator since they don’t need gears. When you test drive a new EV, make sure to take off slowly as you get acclimated to the push of the accelerator because it can take electric vehicle owners some time to become accustomed to this.

Calm Movement

Electric automobiles have virtually silent engines when powered by batteries, so you can’t hear anything while driving. Because of how quiet they are, incorporating sound into EVs has even been discussed to make them audible to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Fit for All Weather Situations

Are you aware that an electric automobile can be charged no matter the temperature? There is no risk of receiving an electric shock when using any outdoor electric supercharger stations around the nation, even when it is pouring.

Excellent Resell Value

Because they need to upgrade their gasoline automobiles, many people are increasingly opting to move to electric vehicles. This is fantastic news for owners of electric cars because if the EV market in New Zealand expands, the value of their vehicles might increase.

The battery has a long lifespan

Most electric car batteries include a warranty to promise that the batteries will survive for a specific period. This is typically 100,000 kilometers or 5-8 years. For some of those purchasing a new electric vehicle, this is excellent news since if the batteries don’t hold up over time, you can get it changed under warranties.

Suggestions on Safe Recharging

To guarantee that you charge your electric car securely, there are several things you should think about. The information you have to know is as follows:

  • Only purchase chargers from reputable vendors, and ensure the charger is compatible with your vehicle’s needs.
  • Read all user manuals and warnings that are provided with the charger.
  • Please verify that the charger is installed following these and other NZ standards and that it complies with WorkSafe NZ’s requirements for electric vehicle charging safety.
  • A supplier’s test certification and Supplier Statement of Compliance should be examined.
  • Make sure a licensed electrician approves your installation and that they have appropriate installation guidelines for your particular charger.
  • After the installation, ask your electrician for a Certificate of Compliance.


If you don’t have enough money to purchase an electric vehicle, the staff can lend a hand. We now provide financing for electric vehicles, so you may get behind the wheel of your brand-new green car sooner than you anticipated.

You’ll discover that purchasing an electric car is significantly more reasonable than you initially believed when you combined your government incentive with an affordable financing rate.

Because we provide flexible payment choices and which before, you know how much you are permitted to borrow before you purchase a car, it is the go-to for customers purchasing electric vehicles in New Zealand.

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