What are the Different Essay Types in PTE Writing?

PTE writing mock test

You might come across dozens of essay styles on the PTE writing portion. Whether you are fortunate enough to have one or two writing assignments to turn in on test day, the better your test-day experience will be, the more prepared you are.

I strongly discourage you from attempting to fit your ideas on any topic into a predetermined template. It is preferable to be adequately prepared for planning, writing, and proofreading your essay by anticipating the type of question you will need to compose 200 to 300 well-reasoned, carefully chosen words.

Different Eassy Types in PTE Writing Mock Test

1. The Essay “many people think”

This essay introduces the subject with a broad factual statement, followed by an inquiry concerning your thoughts on the subject. An illustration might be: “Many people believe that your success in later life is influenced by the place you were born. 

What do you think about the impact of a person’s birthplace on future success? Birthplace matters: People in developed nations are wealthier and healthier, and young people living in affluent areas tend to have better employment. Birthplace is meaningless because most nations are now meritocracies and value education and experience above links to the family.

2. The essay “It is contended that”

The key to performing well on the PTE is developing a convincing case for the issue at hand, which is what the passive structure of these questions is testing. To be clear, what is being debated is more essential than who is debating. To wit: “It is argued that mastering a trade, such as a builder’s laborer, plumber, or electrician, is more critical now than enrolling in a full-time college degree program. 

How much do you concur or disagree? The benefits of college degrees include a more comprehensive range of future employment opportunities and intellectual stimulation. Most university courses waste time and money with little practical use.

3. The subject for “Do you think” essays

Unsurprisingly, another method of getting your opinion about something you’ve never given much thought to before. Do you believe that customers should bear the blame for their bad dietary decisions, or should food producers be more forthright about the risks associated with consuming particular foods that are heavy in fat, sugar, and salt? 

Regardless of your particular dietary choices, you will next be required to express your opinions, if any, on the subject. Consumers are accountable because they have free will, are informed, and find happiness in sweet foods. Manufacturers are at fault because they intentionally manipulate substances and are solely concerned with their bottom line.

4. The essay topic is “benefits and challenges.”

It can be complicated to articulate the advantages or drawbacks of a PTE writing mock test, but you must take on the task. What are the advantages and challenges of making athletics mandatory in schools across your nation? Whether you’re a gym rat or a couch potato, we need your perspective. 

The required sports participation benefits include the reinforcement of teamwork and school spirit and the belief that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The drawbacks of mandatory sports include the inadequacy of space in inner-city schools and the wasting of learning materials and time during sports.

The fifth essay subject is “Do you agree or disagree.”

The likelihood is that it will go one way or the other, although certain subjects might be dull. Will it be more crucial to study English as the globe grows more interconnected? Even if the topic doesn’t particularly excite you, you can still find 220 words to lament the overreach of American linguistic influence or argue that minority languages are condemned to extinction. We should all get on board.


Your knowledge of grammar, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse will be evaluated by the PTE writing mock test task. Therefore, before taking the test, it’s crucial that you comprehend this part and what is required.


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