5 Best Platforms to Get Started Online Robotics For Teens

Online robotics for teens


Does your child have a strong desire to create things from scratch? If so, you might want to ask if they are interested in learning online robotics for teens. You did read that correctly. There may have been a time when individuals entering college and older were the only ones allowed to pursue robotics. 

But that is no longer the case. Even at school, children are becoming more inclined to study computer science, coding, and robotics. Kids that engage in robotics projects learn about cooperation, leadership, and problem-solving in groups as well as how to be creative. 

This in turn fosters their desire to engage in conversation. The STEM problem solvers of tomorrow are the children learning robotics now! Every robot consists mostly of two components: the code and the mechanics. Robots can only be programmed to perform certain jobs thanks to coding. 

While a robot’s mechanics carry out the tasks, coding is what instructs the robot to carry out each of the necessary individual jobs. Consider the robot itself as the body and the coding as the brain. A robot, like a computer, will only carry out the instructions given to it.

Best Platforms to Start Online Robotics For Teens

1. YoungWonks 

The California-based YoungWonks online robotics for teens offer a state-of-the-art curriculum that makes use of cutting-edge hardware for the Internet of Things as well as the most recent software to assist its pupils to develop innovative programs and amazing robotics and automation projects.

Learning programming languages like Python and JavaScript helps students develop coding abilities, which they then utilize with commercially available electronic hardware, such as IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, and Teensy, to demonstrate their newly acquired STEM skills.

They also learn how to employ sensors including cameras, gyroscopes, accelerometers, infrared sensors, and ultrasonic sensors. It is not surprising to find that YoungWonks students have achieved first-place finishes at the RoboRave International 2018, RoboRave California 2018, and RoboRave US 2018, thanks to great mentoring from skilled educators.

2. Robotics and engineering were learned early (EARLY)

Engineering And Robotics Learned Young (EARLY), a robotics curriculum that is best suited for youngsters aged 7 to 12, gives them the chance to design and build robots while they compete in robotics events like Vex Robotics, Botball, and FIRST LEGO League.

The Simple & Powered Machines Sets by LEGO are used to construct the competition robots. Students that are interested in joining the EARLY team are welcome to do so after completing some of the Simple & Motorized Mechanisms exercises.

3. Start Online Robotics For Teens By Future Learn

Begin Robotics is a four-week free online robotics for teens course that Future Learn offers in association with The University of Reading in the UK. 

Kids are introduced to the history, anatomy, and intelligence of robots, and then they build robots using interesting simulations to learn about robotics. 

Its portions on cybernetics and robot control are very fascinating. For children who want to learn robotics, this course is a fantastic place to start with only three hours of study per week.

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4. Academy Of Khan

Khan Academy is a well-known non-profit educational organization that provides free, top-quality education to anyone, anywhere, through its library of tutorial videos and practice problems.

The variety of subjects it covers is broad and includes computer programming, math, physics, and robotics. Home-made robots, Lego robots, robotics, electrical engineering crossover, and creating ant bots and spider robots are all covered in the robotics curriculum’s video courses.

5. Robotic Coder Botley

For children who are just beginning their coding studies, Botley the Coding Robot is a helpful robot toy. It includes a sizable 77-piece activity set, a remote controller, robot arms that can be detached, 40 code cards, 6 double-sided tiles, 27 parts for building obstacles, and a beginner manual with coding problems.

Children can program Botley to do several things, such as detecting objects and avoiding them, completing obstacle courses, and adhering to looping instructions and black lines. Because it is completely screen-free, children as young as 5 years old can use it, as well as older children.


Online robotics for teens have an advantage over the future since they have a foundation in engineering, programming, and technology. Experience with engineering and coding is now valuable for so many careers. 

The problem-solving abilities your kid develops through robotics will be useful to them throughout their lives, even if they ultimately choose a career unrelated to STEM.

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